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I have succeeded Rod Martens in the role of the web developer for our website.  A word of thanks to Dale Shack, for helping me transition into this role and for his ongoing service as my backup.   

Our website ( is currently under construction to serve you better.  However, you can still access most of the pages for important information.  We appreciate your patience and look forward to providing you with a more attractive, functional and useful website.    

Here are some new features that have already been implemented.

  1. The News and Events page has been transformed into a blog page.  Blogs are interactive and include a section at the bottom of the individual blog post where readers can leave a comment.  The most recent 3 blogs will be listed in the footer of all pages.  You can receive an email whenever a new post is published by subscribing to the blog.
    1. Enter your email address and press the Submit button in the footer of any page.
    2. Click on the confirmation link in the email we send you to confirm your subscription request.
  2. A “breadcrumb” has been added under the page title as a secondary navigation aid that improves the user experience by helping users understand their location on the website. The breadcrumb path serves as a browser back button, allowing you to quickly go back to one of the previous pages you have visited.
  3. A red banner will appear at the top of the home (About Us) page as a fast and easy way to inform you of an event or important news item.
  4. A Join/Renew button has been added to the header of each page as a quick link to renew your membership.
  5. A link to the Club’s Facebook page as well as a Search button has also been added to the top of each page.
  6. A Membership Only Area has been added under Membership.  This area is password restricted to members only as it is meant to be a member benefit.  The password will be published in the upcoming November Grapevine.   The club executives will determine how frequently this password will be changed to ensure that this area remains available to members only.  Stay tuned for more information on the contents of this area as it is still under development.
  7. The Grapevine Archive has been loaded with all issues back to 2008.   The ability to search for a particular issue has been added.  You can search for a word or a phrase in double quotes.  For more advanced search options, check out  Advanced Searches on Google Drive | Workspace Tips.
  8. An Events Calendar page has been added to keep you informed of upcoming events. If there is an event that could be of particular interest to club members, please fill in the details on the form at the bottom of the webpage.

If you detect a problem with this website, or have any suggestion for improvement, please email me at

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