Looking For a Scanner

If you thought about it, you might imagine that somewhere there are paper copies of years of back issues of the Grapevine, going back to the beginning of time. Well, you’d be correct. That somewhere is in Jackie Somers’ house, where a pile of them currently sit, all beautifully organized and ready for the next step—scanning. Jackie is looking for someone to take on the job of scanning these back issues so we can put them onto the website for digital storage and for members to access. (Currently we only have digital copies going back to 2008.) Documents like this are always an important part of the history of an organization, so this job is an important one for preserving Garden Club history. For a person with a scanner and a need for a winter project while the garden rests, the job can be done in the privacy of your own home and in your own time. If this sounds like something you could take on, please contact us at grapevine@ssigardenclub.ca. We would be ever grateful.

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