SSI Garden Club 2024 Summer Garden Tour

Date: June 16 (Sunday)
Time: 10 am to 4 pm

The Annual SSI Garden Tour is here, for our Garden Club members and their guests, and this year we are heading ‘down south’.

As always, our generous hosts are offering a wide variety of gardens, both for our enjoyment and to encourage us in our own endeavours. We have practicality, large scale food growing, unusual plants, and of course beauty, with the earth’s bounty bursting after this wet spring.

Here are some details to remember as you visit them:

  • Look for the yellow Salt Spring Island Garden Tour Signs at the entrance to each garden.
  • Please park on the road and walk to the gardens, wherever possible. Of course, those with mobility concerns can be dropped off closer to the host garden if necessary.
  • Carpool if you can – Isabella Point Road is narrow.
  • Hosts will be wearing a name tag.
  • Please, no dogs.

A sincere thank you to all the hosts for offering their gardens for us to view and enjoy!

The gardens are listed in order from north to south on the map below.

134 TRIPP ROAD, off Vesuvius Bay Road

Duck Creek Farm is a beautiful 13 acre farm, in a valley in Vesuvius with Duck Creek running through the centre of it. We are a family
run small scale market garden with 1-2 acres in production on any given year. We use no-till growing methods and the vast majority
of the work is done without the use of machines. We grow 30-50 different crops and use five greenhouses of varying sizes. Our
food is sold at the Tuesday Market, through our CSA veggie boxes (check if there is space at, at our Friday market on
the farm, at Country Grocer, Natureworks, many local restaurants and most places you can buy organic food on Salt Spring. We also
host weddings, concerts, dinners and other special events. Looking forward to seeing you all.

Parking: Parking on the farm is limited. Please come through the main gate and park near the CSA pick up or near the greenhouses.
There are also some parking spots up near the main house. Otherwise you can park on Tripp Road and walk in, but please be aware
that the driveway is relatively long.

198 ROURKE ROAD, off Beddis Road

We have newly arrived in this beautifully designed, elegant, mature waterfront garden, with lawns, shrubs, roses, trees and rhodos, perennials and vegetable beds, all with stunning views across Ganges harbour. Come and enjoy the beauty here and share your gar-dening expertise with us, as we are both new to Salt Spring and new to gardening too.

Parking: Room for 4-5 cars down by the house, otherwise, please park on one side of Rourke Road.


This is a true plantsman’s garden, filled with masses of unusual and interesting plants, including alpines, succulents, a great collection of fuschias, and many plants from the southern hemisphere.

Parking: Room for 3-4 cars by the house, otherwise park on Musgrave Road Road. Itt’s a very short walk up the driveway.


Look for garden stand and double address post with pileated woodpecker. This is a large and very productive vegetable garden. At Opportunity Garden we utilize a biodynamic method and our focus is to grow heirloom vegetables which are nutritionally dense. We are constantly learning and applying soil management and enhancement techniques to rejuvenate the soil vitality and microbiome. No dogs, please! (We have a new puppy.)

Parking: Restricted to one side of Isabella Point Road with short walk in

121 MOUNTAIN ROAD, off Isabella Point Road

You are invited to meander through our deer resistant perennial flower gardens that include rhododendrons and drought-resistant plants, among canopy-raised fir trees. Stroll past wide pastures and a large pond before arriving at the fenced vegetable garden that includes fruit and nut trees, lots of flowers, a 30 year-old grapevine and a greenhouse. We grow enough food to sustain us year ‘round, and we also raise sheep and sell lamb.

We use ethernet, not Wi-Fi, and out of respect for encouraging pollinator growth, we ask for no cellphone use in our gardens. Thank you.

Parking: There is room for several cars up by the house, otherwise please park along Mountain Road.


My garden, which is surrounded by forest and big cedars, looks like it has a mind of its own. Although I admire gardens with deep black mulch and lots of space between plants—each plant perfectly shaped—mine isn’t like that. It expanded bit by bit, along with the deer fencing and my obsession, and as I very slowly enriched the soil with clay. The vegetables merge with the flower beds, which mingle with fruit trees, some planted 45 years ago. There are a few “rooms”, one that began as a Japanese garden but couldn’t deny its BC roots, and another that rhododendrons like, thanks to the gift of a load of clay; and I’m starting some wetland plantings around a new pond. II’m fascinated with individual plants and I need colour.

Heather’s note: Elissa’s garden is magnificently bursting with everything: food, flowers, trees and fruit trees, shrubs, and perennials.

Parking: Drive into the driveway. There’s one space on the left immediately as you drive in. There’s room for 4-5 on the driveway by the workshop building, and another four further up nearer the house. If these spaces are all taken, one or two could squeeze onto one side of Isabella Point Road, opposite my driveway.

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