Please note that in-person meetings are cancelled due to COVID-10 Pandemic.  
All meetings are being held via Zoom, and registered members will receive email-invitations to the meetings.

Club meeting, 23 June 2021 @ 7:15 pm
(via Zoom)

David Whiting


Gardening is a powerful tool developing individuals, strengthening families, and building communities. The focus of David’s presentation will be on designing a Sacred Space Garden, a place of peace and relaxation, a place to relax and unwind, to dream and to let your soul fly. Incorporating some basic landscape design principles can change your garden space into magic!

David Whiting was a professor and State Master Gardener Coordinator in the Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture at Colorado State University. He is noted for his passionate teaching and curriculum development. Various segments of his Master Gardener curriculum are used by 36 states and provinces in the US and in Canada. He piloted new delivery techniques in distance education with a suite of home gardening courses all online with lectures, online lab activities, and discussion.

Prior to this, David worked for the University of Minnesota where he directed a large Master Gardener group focussing on the use of gardening to deal with social issues.

In 2016, David retired and moved to Port Angeles, Washington, centering his new life around his Sacred Space Garden which he created with the help of Jeff de Jong, a favourite speaker to our garden club.

General Information

Due to COVID-19, all in-person meetings and events have been put on hold.  However, we have moved our monthly meetings to online via Zoom.  At these meetings, our club president will provide some opening remarks, after which we will have a speaker make a presentation on a pertinent topic.

Meetings are held at Meaden Hall (on Blain Road, across from Greenwoods) the fourth Wednesday of each month (except for December, January, July and August), starting at 6:45 pm, and ending by 9 pm.  In November, we hold our AGM.

  • Every meeting features a speaker. Many are local, but in the past, speakers have come from as far as Australia. Recent speakers have included Brian Minter, Carolyn Herriot, Linda Gilkeson and Bill Terry (the rare Blue Poppy man).
  • Parlour Show is always held to test our skills in growing local treasures. An annual prize is awarded for highest aggregate points over the year.
  • The Library table is available with an excellent selection of books. Other books are available from the archive and can be retrieved on request.
  • Mentor Gardeners are always present to provide solutions for your gardening challenges.
  • Refreshments are available for a dollar (coffee or tea, and a tasty treat).

2021 Talks

26 May: Bernie Dinter: ‘Small Fruits’

28 April: Matthew Shepherd: ‘Bring Back the Pollinators!’

24 March: Douglas Justice: ‘The Value of a Tree’

24 February: Brian Russell and Faye Ford: ‘Four Seasons in a Greenhouse’

23 October: Bernie Dinter on ‘Flowering Bulbs: Natures Gift that Keeps on Giving’

2020 Talks

27 November: Jeff de Jong ‘In the Eye of the Storm’

23 October: Bernie Dinter on ‘Flowering Bulbs: Natures Gift that Keeps on Giving’

26 June: Gary Lewis of Phoenix Perennials on ‘Hellebores : Jewels of the Winter and Spring Garden’

26 June: Linda Gilkeson on ‘Gardening and Climate Change’

22 May: Jeff de Jong ‘Garden Jewels for Landscaping’

24 April: Robin Jenkins and Robias Carson talked about ‘Tiny Gardeners: Salt Spring and Gulf Island Schools’

27 March: Moe Wendt presented ‘Permaculture: Principles and Practice’

27 February: Donna Balzer ‘Vegetable Gardening: Tips and Tricks for Growing Great Grub’

2019 Talks

24 October: Kristen Miskelly spoke on ‘Native Plant Gardening for Biodiversity’

June 27: Mitchell Sherrin spoke to us about “Fire-smart Landscaping”.

May 23:  Connie Kuramoto will joined us to talk about “The Lazy Gardener”.

April 25:  Julia Common brought a talk about Bees, called “Hives for Humanity”.

March 28:  To be confirmed

February 28:   Brian Minter joined us in February for a talk entitled “Dramatic Changes in the World of Gardening”.