Every year the Garden Club adds new books to its library which now totals around 300 titles. Recently, Andria Scanlan stepped down after many years tending our growing collection of books and the new librarians, Ishbel Galloway, Bev Stewart and Bridget Sipos, are taking the library to the next stage and now the club library is hosted by LibraryThing and its online searchable electronic database TinyCat (www.librarycat.org/lib/SSI.Garden.Club)

The reasons for this change are that books will now be much easier to physically locate at club meetings and the librarians can more efficiently respond to members’ question about particular library holdings.  It will also prevent the purchase of duplicate titles. Eventually it is hoped that books will be checked in and out electronically and the TinyCat site will show whether or not a book is available.

Other than this, library “rules” remain the same: club members can have no more than three books at a time and should return them after one month.