Held over for a second showing!

Five Seasons

The Gardens of Piet Oudolf

by Thomas Piper

at Church of Latter Day Saints
(intimate seating for approximately 30 people)
221 Vesuvius Bay Rd.
Friday January 31 at 1:30 PM.
Tickets are by donation ($5-$10) at the door and profits will go to the Copper Kettle Society

The filmmaker has graciously allowed a second viewing of this amazing film.  To help support documentary films such as this, please visit website fiveseasonsmovie.com and sign up for the newsletter. They are aiming to have DVDs and streaming links ready for individual purchase later this year, and will definitely be making an advance announcement to let subscribers purchase and advance copy

“Mingle the starlight with your lives and you won’t be fretted by trifles”
Astrono​mer Maria Mitchell (1818–1889)

This is a gorgeous film about world renowned garden Designer Piet Oudolf. So come out and brighten your winter’s day as we fantasize about getting back into our gardens with a renewed sense of beauty and inspiration!

For me, garden design isn’t just about plants, it is about emotion, atmosphere, a sense of contemplation. You try to move people with what you do. You look at this, and it goes deeper than what you see. It reminds you of something in the genes — nature, or the longing for nature.
– Piet Oudolf

After completing a feature documentary on New York’s High Line, award-winning filmmaker Thomas Piper met the inspirational designer and plantsman, Piet Oudolf, and the idea for a new project was born. The documentary, FIVE SEASONS: The Gardens of Piet Oudolf, immerses viewers in Oudolf’s work and takes us inside his creative process, from his beautifully abstract sketches, to theories on beauty, to the ecological implications of his ideas.

Intimate discussions take place through all fours seasons in Piet’s own gardens at Hummelo, and on visits to his signature public works in New York, Chicago, and the Netherlands, as well as to the far-flung locations that inspire his genius, including desert wildflowers in West Texas and post-industrial forests in Pennsylvania.

As a narrative thread, the film also follows Oudolf as he designs and installs a major new garden at Hauser & Wirth Somerset, a gallery and arts center in Southwest England, a garden he considers his best work yet.

Piet Oudolf has radically redefined what gardens can be. As Rick Darke, the famous botanist, says to Piet in the film, “your work teaches us to see what what we have been unable to see.” Through poetic cinematography and unique access, FIVE SEASONS will reveal all that Piet sees, and celebrate all that we as viewers have been unable to see.

The film trailer can be viewed at : https://www.fiveseasonsmovie.com/piet-oudolf-movie-trailer/