Saturday, September 24, 2022

1- 3 pm, Farmer’s Institute

Fall is a great time to add plants to your garden. As soon as the rains have made the soil more yielding, plants will settle in nicely, and be ready to grow vigorously come spring. The Salt Spring Garden Club offers hundreds of plants propagated by its members for sale at bargain prices.

This year, you will find a large array of both ornamental and edible plants. Ornamental shrubs like Hydrangea, Rose, and hardy Hibiscus, perennials such as Heuchera, Verbena, and Coreopsis, and many more. There are also ground covers and bulbs. A good number of edibles: Blueberries, Lingonberry, Red Currant, and Hazelnut to name a few. Permaculture favorites like skirret, Egyptian Walking Onion, and trailing strawberry. Herbs for culinary and medicinal use that great at attracting pollinating insects include comfrey, catmint, feverfew, motherwort, figwort, lavender, and wood sage. For those interested in increasing the number of native plants in your garden there will be wooly sunflower, nodding onion, yarrow, native huechera, and shooting star. 

The sale is only 2 hours long, from 1 to 3 pm. Bring a box to put your plants in, and a few extra boxes, if you can, for someone else to use. Payment is cash, check or e-transfer only (no credit cards).