SATURDAY MARCH 11, 10:30 am – 12:30 pm


The roses donated to the Garden Club by Pam and Ian Bedwell are resting bare root in a bed of sawdust, and will be on sale to Garden Club members at the date, time, and place shown above.

These roses are offered at an absolute bargain price of $10 per plant!

The names of the roses have been lost, but we do have records of the colour and type of rose for most of them. The roses will be colour coded with ribbons indicating if they are pink/red, yellow/orange, or cream/white. More details are available on a written record that will be available to peruse. 

To access the location of the roses, you will need to use the secondary gate. There will be a sandwich board saying “Moe’s Back Gate” one driveway to the west of the 438 address. Come in that dirt driveway and slowly drive toward the back of the property. There will be parking for about 10 cars.

THIS IS A MEMBERS’ ONLY SALE.  Any unsold roses will be potted up for sale to the general public at our spring plant sale on April 29th. 



Spring Plant Sale Prep – Volunteers Needed!

It is time to start the pre-sale activities for the Spring Plant Sale (see below). We have a Potting-Up session planned for Tuesday, March 14th, at 1:00 pm at Pat Spiers house, 431 Sky Valley Road. I am looking for 12 -15 volunteers to help pot up plants that afternoon. This is a companionable and fun time which takes place inside Pat’s studio. It takes a couple of hours or so, and ends with tea and treats provided by Pat. Please email me, Moe if you would like to volunteer for that session–I will take the first 15 people who say yes.

I am also looking for 1 or 2 physically strong volunteers to go to Pat’s that morning at 11:00 am to help set up the work tables (4×8 plywood on sawhorses), and to cart soil from the soil pile to the work area. Pat will provide you with lunch. Please, indicate whether or not you would also like to stay for the afternoon potting up session.

We are always in need of more plants! If you are volunteering for Potting Up Day, please bring your plants that need to be potted up with you when you come. If you are not volunteering that day, but have plants to donate that need potting-up, you can drop them off on the morning of the 14th, or contact Pat to make other arrangements. She is always willing to receive plants at other times; please phone her ahead of time: 250 537 9452. Please indicate what your plants are, if you are not there to tell us, color included, if you know. If you have plants to donate that are already potted up, you may bring them on the morning of the sale, as in previous years.

Besides plenty of plants, we also need medium-sized pots, ones that are less than 1 gallon size, but more than 4-inch. Please bring these to the potting up session, or at other times as indicated above.

I look forward to hearing from you if you would like help out at Potting Up Day, and I will get back to each of you who sends me an email to that effect. There is no need to respond if you are not able to volunteer for potting-up. I will be sending out more requests for volunteers for the sale itself later. Please do not email me about volunteering for the Plant Sale itself at this time.



Spring 2023 Plant Sale is April 29th

The Farmer’s Institute on Rainbow Road will once again be the location of the Garden Club’s plant sale. The spring sale usually boasts a bit more income than the fall sale. Many volunteers step forward to help in its production, from helping to pot up donated plants, to moving plants to and from the Institute, to setting up on the day before, further setup in the morning of the sale, and working at the sale itself. Many of these volunteers come back year after year because it is such an enjoyable event. Gardeners working together make great things happen.

If you are not already on the list of people who help put this together, but would like to be, you can send an email to Moe Wendt, the plant sale coordinator:

Perhaps you have plants that you can donate to the sale. Perennials that need dividing? Volunteer plants that are in the wrong place? Extra starts? If your plants are already in pots, then you can bring them to the Institute on the morning of the sale. 

Finally, we are short on pots! Pots of all sizes are needed this year, but especially 4” square pots. If you have pots, you can bring them to Pat’s by calling ahead of time, or you can bring them to Moe’s house and leave them alongside the driveway outside the gate at anytime: 438 Stark’s Rd. 


Salt Spring Island Garden Club Facebook Page

The Garden Club Board approved a proposal by Moe Wendt to have a Facebook page for members of the Garden Club. It is a club members only page and can be found at or by searching for Salt Spring Island Garden Club on Facebook search. If you have any trouble finding the page, contact Moe via email and he can send you a FB invitation to join. You must be a Facebook member to join the page.

The page is primarily for members to share garden photos, gardening questions, and to make announcements of Garden Club events. It does not, in any way, replace the SSI Garden Club website. It is completely voluntary to join.