Dear Plant Club Members,

The big news is that we are back in Meadon Hall for our May club meeting. It’s been such a long time! Can we even remember what happens at our meetings? Will we recognize each other? See CLUB MEETINGS for more information.


Saturday April 23, 2022 at the Farmers’ Institute


Dear Plant Sale Volunteers,

      Thank you to all of you who came out for the Garden Club set-up and sale.  We were lucky it was a beautiful day so we could have the doors wide open to help with air circulation. Thank you to all of you for wearing a mask even though it can be uncomfortable to wear it all day. Colin Mathieson was great at getting everyone to mask up and I know that made me feel safer.

  Earl Rook has added up all of the money received and it came to a total of $2015. Hall rental was $315, and there was a cost for soil, so the expenses should be about $400 with a net profit of about $1600.  That is less than in the past, but we had fewer plants than other years for a number of reasons: some people who would normally have plants had stopped propagating them because we hadn’t had a sale for two years and many plants in pots died because of the cold weather we’d had (I know I had to throw away at least 2 dozen plants that had died in their pots).  There were also fewer people who attended, again because of COVID concerns.  

    I really enjoyed seeing everyone again in person and there were a lot of people very satisfied with the plants we we selling at such low prices.  Robin Jenkinson with the School gardens program was happy with their sales and community outreach.  

   A job well done and thank you all again.

Connie CudrakPlant Sale Co-ordinator