Tender Succulent Centrepiece Workshop

with Andrian Scanlan

Join succulent enthusiast, and garden club member Andria as she leads us through the creation of “Spring Succulent Centrepieces” This workshop will focus on creating a beautiful Easter centrepiece with the tender succulents that provide so many rich colours in reds, gold, silver, blues and greens.

Andria will supply a selection of containers, as well as tender and hardy succulents. Participants will be encouraged to create a beautiful planter that will thrive for months. You are welcome to bring your own container and the fee is based on 3 sizes listed below.

Succulent Wreath Making Workshop

with Andrian Scanlan

The Succulents are all hardy in our zone so can be hung outside.
The SS Garden Club will be subsidizing workshop costs in order to keep the fees low for members which makes this one super great value. These wreaths sell for much more
than the fees reflect.

This is a special workshop that is going to be challenging,
highly rewarding, and super fun!


Hosted by Dan Jason

Dan will talk to you about SS seeds, how it all started, and tour us around his operation.  You will have an opportunity to ask questions, look around and check out his farm shop.

THE “HOW TO” OF HERBS Cancelled!
with Rupert Adams at Salt Spring Seeds Farm.

Sorry, but the workshop had to be cancelled.

We’ll walk through the herb and flower gardens at the Salt Spring Seeds Farm, identifying various medicinal herbs, discussing their growth cycles and healing properties. We’ll discuss the timing of harvesting various herbs and their seeds, and harvest ones that are ready.


with Danielle Stevenson at Bullock lake Farm
This course will introduce the art and science of mushroom cultivation by offering low-tech, home-scale methods for growing mushrooms for food, medicine and earth renewal. We will focus on less-sterile approaches to creating your own mushroom cultures (“spawn”), fruiting mushrooms for food and medicine, and working with fungi to build soil, boost your garden, and address soil and water contamination.

Pruning Workshop – SOLD OUT!

Presented by Jeff De Jong & David Whiting

February is the perfect time to start the process of pruning fruit trees.  Jeff de Jong and David Whiting will be hosting a three-hour class to take away the mystery of how to prune. This class will cover various pruning cuts, how to prune dwarf, semi-dwarf, standard and neglected apple trees, along with other general pruning topics.

Bring your pruning questions!

Sustainable Gardening as we Mature

Presented by Jillian Reid

Adapt your garden, change your habits, and improve your techniques.  Learn how to watch out for your joints and soft tissues. Learn ways to save your back and be kind to your joints as you work in the garden. Jillian gives all kind of helpful tips and tricks to make our gardens more efficient and keep our bodies pain free!

Sustainable Placemaking: Landscape Design Essentials for a Changing World – SOLD OUT!

Presented by Erin Renwick

In this two-hour, hands on workshop participants will learn the basic principles of great design with a focus on sustainability.  Erin will cover topics such as rain gardens and drainage swales, native and deer resistant plantings, and drought tolerant gardens, all through the lens of simple design principles that really work.  Participants should come prepared with the dimensions of a space, real or imagined, and we will take it from there.