Incredible Edibles Group

An Interest Group devoted to the in’s and out’s of local food production, with a special emphasis on Winter Gardening Techniques.  If you grow (or want to grow) your own food, connect with Linda Gilkeson –

The Rose Group

The Rose Group meets regularly to share information on all aspects of growing roses, especially favourite varieties for our climate, planting, pruning, feeding, & disease control.  Each meeting includes a tour of the host’s garden.  New members are welcome, please contact Jackie Somers (250) 653-9177 for information.

The Iris and Peony Group

Learn more about growing these beautiful, dramatic flowers.  To join this group, contact Joyce Prothero at: or (250) 537-9215.   The SSI Garden club also works very closely with the BC Iris Society.  It can be located at:

The Mushroom Group

Debra O’Brien has offered to organize our Mushroom Group.  Please contact her at or (250) 537-5883 to inquire.

The Bee Group

Some members of the club are considering a Bee Keeping Interest group. If you would like to be involved, please contact Sharon Sullivan at:

The Succulent Group

Andria Scanlan is aiming to start up a Succulent Group.  Contact Andria at if you are interested in joining this new group.