All About Mushrooms!

How to Grow Your Own


Danielle Stevenson

Thursday April 29th 7-9 PM


Mushroom Companions to the Garden and Farm

In this workshop, we will begin by introducing fungal ecology – the different kinds of fungi and mushrooms and how they live and thrive- and ground the presentation in ancient practices for growing and eating mushrooms for food and medicine. We will highlight edible and medicinal mushrooms which can be grown in spaces you can’t otherwise grow in, or can be companion planted in your gardens and orchards to boost plant growth and build healthy soil ecosystems. We’ll talk through how to make a mushroom bed, mushroom pathways, logs, and companion plant within your veggie beds, and discuss the important role of mycorrhizal fungi in the garden, farm and orchard.

About the presenter:

Danielle Stevenson is an applied mycologist and founder of D.I.Y. Fungi (est. 2012), offering education, consulting and mushroom cultures for people and communities grow mushrooms for food and medicine at various scales, and implementing mycoremediation and waste management research. Her work with fungi stems from her background in environmental and agricultural science, as she has experience in research, design, implementation and management of projects that solve complex problems- and develop sustainable solutions- within food systems, ecological systems and community health. Danielle is currently a PhD student in Environmental Toxicology at University of California, Riverside, where she studies fungi that protect food crops from toxic metals and sink carbon in soils. She is also founder and advisor to the Healing City Soils project, a ‘Future Leaders’ fellow with the Foundation for Food and Agriculture and a board member with CoRenewal and the Association for Women in Science (Riverside).

Maximum of 40 attendees.
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Sold Out!

Linda Gilkeson

This 10-month series of classes runs from January to October to take you through the whole gardening season. We start with planning the garden, preparing the soil and understanding soil fertility, composting and organic amendments.

We continue with planting schedules, what to grow and how to grow it so you can harvest food from your organic garden all 12 months of the year. You will learn low maintenance, ecological methods for producing a wide variety of vegetables and fruit, how to fertilize the soil, design garden beds, prevent and manage pests and disease without pesticides, save seeds and deal with extreme weather.

All classes are held at the Farmers’ Institute, 351 Rainbow Road, Wednesday evenings 7:00 – 9:30 pm

Based on Linda’s best-selling book: Backyard Bounty: A Complete Guide to Year-Round Organic Gardening