Linda Gilkeson


This 10-month series of classes runs from January to October to take you through the whole gardening season. We start with planning the garden, preparing the soil and understanding soil fertility, composting and organic amendments.

We continue with planting schedules, what to grow and how to grow it so you can harvest food from your organic garden all 12 months of the year. You will learn low maintenance, ecological methods for producing a wide variety of vegetables and fruit, how to fertilize the soil, design garden beds, prevent and manage pests and disease without pesticides, save seeds and deal with extreme weather.

Based on Linda’s best-selling book: Backyard Bounty: A Complete Guide to Year-Round Organic Gardening
You must contact Linda Gilkeson directly to sign up for her course.  Once she has added you to the list of participants, you will be given directions as to how to pay for the course. The course costs $200.00, which includes 1 class per month, January to October, plus a free membership to the SS Garden Club for 2022.
Linda can be contacted at: